Koeberle: Ours is a life hidden in Christ

But we must not forget that where there is a dying with Christ there is also a living with Him. True, it is a hidden life, but a life hidden in Christ, Who is the head of the body and Who will transform all His members. “The saying is trustworthy, for: If we have died with him, we will also live with him;” [2 Timothy 2:11, ESV]. When the Son walked in lowliness on earth they esteemed Him “stricken, smitten of God and afflicted” but through word and deed the glory of God shone through the veil of His servant’s form. This paradox of the unrecognizableness and, in spite of it, the perceptibleness of God incarnate can also serve as a type of the disciple endowed with the Spirit, provided we make necessary allowance for the difference between the two. The resurrection life of believers is veiled just as Christ after His ascension vanished from view into the hidden glory of God. Weakness, sin and health are visible in all those parts of the lives of the disciples that come into our view. And yet that we are risen with Christ is a truth and not a delusion.

Adolph Koeberle, The Quest for Holiness, “Sanctification as the Work of God,” p. 118
[Originally posted by: Pr. Matthew Lorfeld, Messiah Cresent]

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