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The EIC Even Got to Bart Simpson

I will not question or challenge celebrity pastors!— Chris Rosebrough (@piratechristian) December 17, 2013

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Because of what was seen in the comments for the post Mark’s thoughts: I am an antinomian. . . Read All, all future comments to this blog will pass through a moderator.  Comments that make reference to another person in an unkind way, and comments made in an aggressive and disrespectful fashion will not be shared.  Comments to posts must deal with the particulars of the specific subject at hand, and be made in a respectful fashion. 
The  sources of sola Scriptura. . .

The sources of sola Scriptura. . .

. . . Read All From time to time Luther and the Lutherans who take their Lutheranism seriously are ridiculed for sola Scriptura.  Though part of this comes from a true misunderstanding of the sola and an abuse of that sola by making it a naked or nuda Scriptura, some Lutherans actually talk as if sola means nuda.  I have long debated in this blog that no Lutheran means a naked Scripture and Luther never operates as if Scripture were a vacuum.  Scripture is that which norms our belief and it is the font and source of all doctrine.  While some have made out as if this were something new from Luther, the truth is that this is the ancient faith.  Nothing can attest to
Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Light for My Path Daily Devotion Bible Reading Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up…

December 14, 2013 – Saturday of the Second Week of Advent

Today’s Reading: Introit for Advent 3 Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 30:15-26; Revelation 2:1-29 Therefore the  Lord  will wait, that He may be gracious to you; And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the  Lord  is a God of justice; Blessed are all those who wait for Him. (Isaiah 30:18) In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. It is difficult to bear but the truth is that God in His mercy is against us. We are unrepentant legalists. We love the law even though it is the power of sin (1 Corinthians 15:56). We regard everything like lawyers preparing to go to court. We even judge God according to the legal standard. In this way we imagine that what the Bible means by “mercy” is little more than God delaying legal punishment. Into this courtroom drama comes Jesus. He has waited. He has been patient. Now it is mercy time. But God’s mercy isn’t legalistic. It is pure Gospel. God shows up giving away healing and forgiveness to all the wrong sorts of people. Jesus’ mercy, judged according to the law, is an assault against morality, religion, God’s good creation, and free will. Christ gives forgiveness to the outright ungodly while they are yet ungodly. The legal scheme we have refined and perfected for generations is destroyed with simple words: “ Your sins are forgiven.” God’s mercy removes trust put in a false place and then puts faith in the proper place, which creates something new out of nothing. God’s mercy takes away all our confidence in the law and then places it in the particular promise of Christ. This is God’s justice, which overthrows all human definitions of justice. God’s mercy is that Jesus was, “set forth as a Mercy Seat by faith in His blood. This was to declare His righteousness through the passing over of former sins in the forbearance of God, to declare in the present time the righteousness that stands before Him, that He alone might be righteous by making Him righteous who believes in Jesus, a mercy seat for the forgiveness of sins by his blood” (Romans 3:24-25). He blesses us without cost by His grace, because His compassion never fails, and His mercies are new each morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). Salvation unto us has come By God’s free grace and favor; Good works cannot avert our doom, They help and save us never. Faith looks to Jesus Christ alone, Who did for all the world atone; He is our one Redeemer. (Salvation unto Us Has Come LSB 555:1)
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