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Beth Moore's Future Outpouring "Prophecy"

Beth Moore’s Future Outpouring "Prophecy"

Your browser does not support the HTML 5 audio tag. Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • Patricia King Prosperity Heretic • Joel Osteen’s Promotion of the Son of God Movie • Beth Moore’s Future Outpouring "Prophecy" •…

suffer a little

A governor vetoes an important religious liberty bill. Planned Parenthood gives 16 million to the mid-term elections. The cold weather refuses to quit. We’re tired of it: sick of being frustrated, dismissed, and chilly. We are weary from defending what’s right, worrying about what our country will look like in five years, fearing for our church. “This country’s going to hell in a hand basket,” we say. “The times sure have changed.” But they haven’t. We were promised this. In our Baptism, we were given a mark that guaranteed we would suffer.  And at our confirmations, we vowed to endure this–and more, even death–for the faith. Why are we surprised? Our ability to exist in this world as Christians will . . . Read All
Received for Review

Received for Review

Page CXVI. Lent to Maundy Thursday. Boulder: SoundCloud/Page CXVI, 2014. mp3 audio download. Available March 4.  (H) A video with behind the scenes footage in the studio to “This Blessed Day” from the album: . . . Read All
A Link? I Think So

A Link? I Think So

. . . Read AllThe great Lutheran theologian, pastor, and writer Johann Gerhard (1582-1637) uses what seems to current thought some massive stretches in seeing in various Old Testament narratives Christ, and thus also Mary. To him, Gideon’s fleece was a…
Lent Resource — The Lord’s Prayer and His Passion: Daily Readings During Lent

Lent Resource — The Lord’s Prayer and His Passion: Daily Readings During Lent

Every week at divine service and maybe every day at home, we pray the Lord’s Prayer, but do we realize its meaning for our faith and life and how it relates to Jesus’ redemptive work for us?  As a daily devotional for Lent, I have compiled these daily readings, interspersed with the portions of the Lord’s Prayer and their meaning from Luther’s Small Catechism from the 2001 edition of the ELS Catechism and Explanation.  This pdf  is printable into double-sided, tri-fold brochure. Lord’s Prayer readings (PDF). . . Read All

LIfe news: President of Planned Parenthood says that when life begins is “not relevant”

In our world, the conclusions of science are usually the determiner of truth.  They provide the facts of life and everything else must bow before them.  Yet when it comes to abortion, all of that goes out the window.  The science is clear about when life begins.  For this reason, supporters of abortion don’t want to talk about the issue.  It is therefore eye opening and staggering to hear Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards actually say that when life begins is not relevant to the discussion of abortion.. . . Read All  She says that the life of her children began when she delivered them.  One simply must watch this brief video and hear Richards uncomfortably seek to get around the issue.

Persecuted Church: Indonesian opposition to construction of Christian churches

Even in supposedly tolerant Muslim nations, Christians face harassment and threats of violence. In Indonesia they make the construction of a church a long and uncertain process.. . . Read All

Scripture, Catechesis And Prayer: February 28th

Psalms Psalms 85:1–13 “LORD, you were favorable to your land; you restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of your people; you covered all their sin. Selah You withdrew all your wrath; you turned from your hot anger….

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Man must have God’s word and cleave to it by faith. As soon as he allows himself to be sundered from the Word he is lost and there is no help for him.—Martin Luther, Day by Day, p. 109. . . Read All

Patristic Quote of the Day

For nothing is so acceptable to God as to number one’s self with the last. This is a first principle of all practical wisdom. For he that is humbled, and bruised in heart, will not be vainglorious, will not be wrathful, will not envy his neighbor, will not harbor any other passion. —St. John Chrysostom, Homily 3 on St. Matthew . . Read All
Episode 267: February 28th, 2014

Episode 267: February 28th, 2014

This week on HTR, Pr. Borghardt and Jon talk a little bit more about Creation and Genesis. Then they cover topics of Pre-Lent, Lenten Fasting, and the parable of the sower.
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