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Capon on The Rich Man and Lazarus

One of the fun things about moving into the non-festival portion of the Church Year is that I get to read more Robert Farrar Capon. The “green season” features more parables than the festival season, and Capon always gives food for thought on the parables. You might not agree with everything he says about them, but his comments are provocative and stimulating. Here’s a taste of what he has to say about the parable for this coming Sunday in the One Year cycle (Luke 16:19-31): For those convinced that living is the instrument of salvation, death is such an unacceptable device that they will not be convinced, even by resurrection. From the point of view of those who object to . . . Read All
The Grace of God is too much for him. . .

The Grace of God is too much for him. . .

There is a wonderful scene in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited that is done rather well in the movie.  Lord Marchmain has spent his whole life opposed to religion and as he lay frail and near death an argument ensures about whether or not a priest should be called.  Charles Rydeer insists:  “all his life, what he thought of religion. They’ll come now, when his mind’s wandering and he hasn’t the strength to resist.”  But the priest is called.  He leans down to ask Lord Marchmain if he will confess all his sins and if he will pray the Lord that he is sorry from them.  And there is nothing — no sign that he has confessed or that he was. . . Read All
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