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A Look at Driscoll's Resignation

A Look at Driscoll’s Resignation

Your browser does not support the HTML 5 audio tag. Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • William Tapley Sorta Weighs in On Vatican Synod • A Look at Driscoll’s Resignation • Is Heath Mooneyham Out on Church…

The Scoffers

40 Beware, therefore, lest what is said in the Prophets should come about:  “‘Look, you scoffers, be astounded and perish; for I am doing a work in your days, a work that you will not believe, even if one tells it to you.’” (Acts 13:39-41 (ESV) So Paul finishes, and he finishes with a warning, another prophecy, a prophecy fulfilled by  the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The scoffers won’t believe. They will be astounded and perish. It’s all too true. They won’t believe even if one tells it to them. Their unbelief is their fault. It isn’t that God doesn’t want them to believe. He does. He wouldn’t give them this prophecy otherwise. But  the cross will be . . . Read All
But somebody might be reached or some good done. . .

But somebody might be reached or some good done. . .

The sad truth is that some of our best intentions end up as miserable failures.  I certainly don’t fault the intention of those who struggle to find a cause for unity, who seek in some way to work together for a larger cause of good (say the poor, for example), and who decide to use mostly secular and often somewhat embarrassing occasions to try and speak a witness to the Truth of Christ.  But I also don’t fault those who say enough already to the manifold expressions of unity and unanimity that try to paper over differences, substantial differences, for the sake of a noble goal. A while ago one blog writer came out against the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,. . . Read All
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