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2014 PCR Conference - Anfechtung

2014 PCR Conference – Anfechtung

Your browser does not support the HTML 5 audio tag. Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • 2014 Pirate Christian Radio Conference – Anfechtung by Rev. Dr. Curtis Leins Email your questions or comments to: Fighting for…
RGR:The Afterbirth of End Times Porn

RGR:The Afterbirth of End Times Porn

Since in recent weeks people have been sharing a lot of satirical blog post as if they’re true, we today offer up the first official act of “The Ministry for Silly Thoughts”. Just as we promised in the last episode, this week’s News Roll includes one …
Lego Bricks and Apologetics: Imagination, Art, and Sub-Creation, Part 1

Lego Bricks and Apologetics: Imagination, Art, and Sub-Creation, Part 1

Part 1 Fantasy remains a human right: we make in our measure and in our derivative mode, because we are made: and not only made, but made in the image and likeness of a Maker. J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy Stories[1] Every child builds. Some build castles o…

Made real by our experience. . .

Experience is many things.  It is not bad — in fact it is good.  Our experience of the Christian faith and even our emotions within that experience are good things. . . but they are not that which makes the faith real.  Experience and emotion are a response to the reality which exists by virtue of God’s Word that speaks and creates, that is efficacious delivering what it promises, and that does not fail to accomplish God’s purpose in sending it. The idea that something of the faith is made real by our experience is dangerous for that means it can be rendered unreal by our failure to experience it or our rejection of that experience.  In a sense this. . . Read All
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