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Rosebrough's Ramblings Thru Genesis - Genesis 3 Part 2

Rosebrough’s Ramblings Thru Genesis – Genesis 3 Part 2

Your browser does not support the HTML 5 audio tag. Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • Rosebrough’s Ramblings Thru Genesis – Genesis 3 Part 2 Email your questions or comments to: Fighting for the Faith is…
News reached us tonight

News reached us tonight

of an old friend entering hospice care. Thinking of one of the hymns for the Last Sunday:There shall we see in gloryOur dear Redeemer’s face;The long-awaited storyOf heavenly joy takes place.The patriarchs shall meet us,The prophets’ holy band;Apostles…

Sermon for Thanksgiving Eve

                                                                        Thanksgiving Eve                                                                         Lk 17:11-19                                                                         11/26/14             There is much to be thankful for this holiday weekend … and I’m not talking about the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  No, I am talking about college football.  This year the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is also the time when rivalry college football games are played.              These are passionate match ups that usually involve two schools that are located in the same state: Alabama . . . Read All

The light snowfall

had me remembering the day Daddy died and then I remembered. Yesterday marked the 20th year since Mom passed away. And this January 5th will mark the 35th since Daddy died. I always feel sadness with the holidays come and think of those who have gone and who never got to know their wonderful grandchildren (and great children) and nephew and nieces. And hard as it is to fathom this will be the second Thanksgiving and Christmas without our dear Jo. . . Read All


A pot of Irish Breakfast, a roaring fire, the dance of snowflakes outside the windows, and a sleeping baby…while Lutheran Public Radio plays quietly. Could one ask for a better afternoon? . . Read All


Are well under way. Cranberry sauce and cornbread dressing were made up yesterday. Stuffed mushrooms prepared. Sweet tater soufflé done. Turkey thawing. Cherry and pecan pie smelling up the house. Chocolate and pumpkin still to go. Potatoes to peel, asparagus spears to wrap in bacon, veggies and summer sausage to cut up, cheeses to slice, tapioca flour rolls to ready. Dave is bringing ham and Aunt Sandy some wheat rolls. A holiday ale for those who would like it; wine or beer, coffee or water for the rest. . . Read All
Being Careful with the Confessions.

Being Careful with the Confessions.

Dawkins gets muzzled,  Pope Francis blasts sin, Driscoll sells his house, and the Most important book in Great Britain is the Bible.  All that and Pastor Gary talks about the importance of using the confessions for what they are meant to be …
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