The Fifth Day of Christmas

Today’s Reading: Luke 2:22-40

Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 55:1-13; Luke 1:1-25

Now let your servant depart, Lord, in peace according to your Word because my eyes have seen your salvation. (St. Luke 2:29-30)

Merry Christmas! In the Name of Jesus. Amen! The Lord gives today to pious Simeon the one gift that He was waiting for: death.

Simeon knew that the whole of the Old Testament pointed to the consummation of Israel. He had longed for Jesus before he even knew Him. He trusted that the Lord would send the Christ to save His people.

He also knew, by means of the Spirit, that he would not die until he personally saw the Lord’s Christ. So He waited and waited in the temple. God would send His Christ. He would fulfill His promises.

So when Baby Jesus showed up in the temple, Simeon scooped up the Lord and began to sing. He sang a prayer, a prayer to fall asleep! “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace. Your Word has been fulfilled. My own eyes have seen the salvation which You have prepared in the sight of every people.”

God was finally doing all that He had promised to do. He was saving Israel. He would redeem His people through the child born of Mary. Simeon’s eyes had seen the glory of God. God would not only save Israel in this Child, He would save all people.

Jesus alone saves. Every person who is ever saved, ever forgiven, ever sacrificed for, ever received mercy, was saved, was forgiven in the sacrifice of Jesus. People weren’t saved before Christ by what they did and didn’t do and then saved after Christ by grace alone, received by faith alone. No, every person on whom God has had mercy, He has had mercy on in Christ.

What is left to do after you hold in your arms the salvation of all men? What is there left to do after you see the Lord’s Christ? What do you do after you receive Jesus?

You know the answer. You do it every week. You sing. You sing Simeon’s song, too. After you receive Jesus, you have the holiness of Jesus. It’s in your body. You have the holiness of Jesus. You are ready for anything, even death. You can depart in peace.

Simeon was kept awake to receive the Christmas gift that would save all mankind. Jesus saved Him. He has saved you. You are forgiven. You have peace with God. Jesus makes even death itself a Christmas gift for you, and Simeon. Merry Christmas! In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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