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Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Healing means progress, increase, and your growth in this life and the next. A generous hand never suffered want. God’s mercy is wider than ours.—Martin Luther, On Isaiah 58:8 . . Read All

Patristic Quote of the Day

It is more serious to lose hope than to sin.—St. John of Karpathos (Philokalia II:318) . . Read All

Ancient Wisdom

I love it when you see alignment in what Lewis called the Tao. So, in Confucian practice there is apparently the custom of whispering to one’s self before eating: Hari hachi bu. It’s a reminder to self to eat mindfully and stop when you are 80% full. It’s rather the antithesis of the Hobbitlike “filling in the corners.” And then you pick up the Philokalia and check out the words of Blessed John Cassian summarizing the wisdom of the fathers when it comes to fasting:  “They (the holy fathers) have not given us one single rule for fasting or a single standard and measure for eating, because not everyone has the same strength; age, illness, or delicacy of body create. . . Read All
Lawlessness is also a teacher.

Lawlessness is also a teacher.

Just as legalism instructs, lawlessness also instructs.  In different things, mind you, but no less effectively.  Yup, you got.  This is one more of those statements I wish I could say I crafted but it is borrowed. The legalist certainly has come to have a bad reputation.  Some of it, mind you, is well earned but some of it is bereft of substance.  You see we idealize and sentimentalize the idea of freedom from any and all law.  We dream of the kind of society in which people are perfectly free to do as they desire, one in which there is no condemnation even for wrong.  It the false and misleading dream of a world where children grow up and. . . Read All
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