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Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself

Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself

Maggie Karner is dying. She isn’t alone. We are all dying, actually, but Maggie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. At the same time, Maggie is a true Sacramental Minion. Baptized into Christ, she trusts and relies upon her Lord and Savi…
HOW TO COMBAT ISLAMIC TERRORISMYou combat hate and terror with love and forgiv...

HOW TO COMBAT ISLAMIC TERRORISMYou combat hate and terror with love and forgiv…

HOW TO COMBAT ISLAMIC TERRORISM You combat hate and terror with love and forgiveness. If you look at every Muslim as a terrorist then you have already judged them in your heart. Yesterday I was blessed with an invitation to attend a Somali Christian fellowship. This happened because one Somali man attended our church service the previous Sunday. He said he never heard the Gospel preached like that and said he really needed help to teach other Somalis. These dear children of God live in greater terror than you could ever imagine. If they convert to Christianity then their relatives or neighbors will literally kill them. Many of the people I met had lost loved ones after their conversion. At the same time when they try to enter a place of worship in a foreign country, everyone treats them as a Muslim terrorist. I taught them from Sunday’s text, Matthew 20:1-16. What is God’s reign like? He goes into the shopping malls and market places and in His perspective, all the people are idle. We see them as busy buying and selling but they are searching only for material goods that do not last and have no eternal value. But Jesus comes along and says, “You go into the vineyard too and I will give you that which is right/just.” (v4). Amazing! He pays for us, people who have no skills and no works worthy of merit but He pays the price to buy us and bring us into His kingdom. You cannot buy soap that washes away sin and guilt from a shopping mall but Jesus loves you so much He is willing to hire you so that you can enjoy the life in His vineyard. Thanks be to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for printing books in the Somali language. I was amazed that the man who came to our chapel told me that he now begins each day crossing himself and saying, “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” in reminder that he has been marked with God’s named and washed clean of all his sins. I was completely flabbergasted. THIS is how you combat Islamic Terrorism. Bombs make more hate and terror. The Gospel creates a new heart of love and forgiveness. This is how our patient God looks at us. Having received His love, I pray that you too may look at others with Christ’s eyes of compassion and mercy. Who knows what might happen.
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